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We Freeze time & Keep our Products Fresh.

Food Importers

We offer our clients the best quality available from all over the world.

Meat & Chicken Factory

A large variety of customized products at a reasonable prices.

ISO Certified

We are ISO 22000:2005 certified.

Salmon Factory

We produce a prime quality smoked salmon and salmon fillet.

Seafood Suppliers

More than 100 seafood products.

Frozen Products

Large cold rooms and dry storage places.

Canned Products

We import a premium quality of canned products.

Breaded Chicken

Delivered to local restaurants, catering companies and supermarkets.

Black Angus Burgers

Customized recipes to fulfil your needs.

Dekerko Building


Initially established in 1974 as a small family business, Dekerco sarl has developed and prospered and since then, it has become a major leading importer and distributor of food products in Lebanon and the region. In 2007, Dekerco foods and processing sal company was established as a sister company to Dekerco sarl. Thus, a new modern premises was added close to the mother company Dekerco sarl location, three times bigger, with large cold rooms, dry storage places and a meat processing factory and a salmon smokehouse. Furthermore, Dekerco always thrives the best quality in its products’ range.

Our Mission

We believe that our success is best measured by the satisfaction of our customers. We are proud to offer our clients the best quality and the best service to meet their needs.

Quality and food safety

Dekerco Foods and processing SAL, operates in accordance to food safety management standards following the ISO22000:2005 acquired since 2016. Therefore, quality is the Motto of our company insured through continuous testing, quality control procedures and adequate working environment.




100% Halal

ISO Certified

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