Beef Products

Beef Products

Prime Quality beef cuts are imported from North& South America, Australia and New Zealand, chilled and frozen. Beef cuts are vacuum packed and kept in storage rooms at -18° Celsius for frozen cuts and 0° Celsius for chilled cuts.

Cuts: Forequarters, Hindquarters, Tenderloin, Striploin, Ribeye, Heel Muscle, Eyeround, Topside, Flat, Heart of Rump, Knuckle, Brisket point end, Chuck Eye roll, Short loin, Tomahawk, and Bone in Ribeye.

Angus Beef: Angus Beef is mainly imported from Australia and the Unites States, bone in and boneless loin cuts, both chilled and frozen.

Dry Age Meat: We dry age our angus beef loin cuts in about 30 days and deliver it to our prime customers as per their needs.

Angus Beef

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