Dekerco Factories

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We believe that our products should meet or exceed the customer’s expectation. Therefore, we produce and provide products that are safe for consumption while meeting the ISO 22000:2005 standards. The company is committed to maintain its customer’s confidence & loyalty to its products through the implementation of food safety systems and practices.

Meat Factory

High quality products are produced in the factory under very high standards and hygienic settings then delivered to local Restaurants, Catering companies and Supermarkets. Special & Customized products are produced for several local and international restaurant chains following their own accurate recipes which are delivered under confidentiality & exclusivity agreements.


We produce a prime quality Smoked Salmon, Salmon Fillets and Smoked Tuna under hygienic standards to deliver the best to our customers. Our Label Rouge certified Salmon fish is imported from our well selected & distinguished partners. When it comes to salmon, we are experts!